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Long Live Color!

'N RAGE Demi-Permanent Hair Color offers vibrant and long-lasting hair color that's ideal for all hair types. Available in 4 intense colors: Cobalt Blue, Twisted Teal, Purple Plum, and Feisty Fuchsia. Choose what suits your personality!

  • Keratin Color Enhancing Complex for long-lasting color, intense shine, and less breakage
  • Ease of dispensing product
  • Lasts more than 25 shampoos
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Includes special UVA and UVB inhibitors to help keep the color vibrant longer
  • Made in the USA

How It Works

Hair should be clean and dry before application. Put rubber gloves on before opening tube. Apply stain protectant or petroleum jelly around hairline and ears for easier removal of stains. Comb hair color on desired areas and leave on hair for 15 minutes. No heat required. Rinse hair thoroughly with cool water until water runs clear. A light shampoo may be necessary to
remove color stains on skin.

Purple Plum

Demi Permanent

Feisty Fuchsia

Demi Permanent

Twisted Teal

Demi Permanent

Cobalt Blue

Demi Permanent